Thanks for visiting my blog.

My name is Sara.

If I’ve learned anything throughout my 29 years, it’s that we do not stand still. We are constantly evolving whether it be where we live, our job, the type of lifestyle we live, our friends, or even what we eat. Over the past 6 years I’ve transitioned from a non-runner to someone that can hold her own during a half-marathon and triathlon, and am now implementing active add health into my life.

Within those years I’ve also become vegetarian, then vegan, and even dabbled in a raw vegan lifestyle. I’ve changed to cruelty-free products, changed careers, sold half of our belongings, and packed up what was left to move across the country. I’m now learning to maneuver life as a Rock Star Wife to DH from Corvus. This is only the beginning of many changes to come throughout my life.