Circular Saw For DIY 2019

There is no one circular saw that is perfect for all renovators and woodworkers.  However, there are a few things I have learned regarding circular saws that apply to the majority of the buyers out there.  Here they are:

  1. Avoid Cordless – Battery-powered circular saws can get very pricey and simply do not have the power needed to quickly cut through many materials, so unless you plan to use the saw in the middle of the woods, go with a corded saw.
  2. Stay with Sidewinder – While worm-drive or hypoid circular saws are popular with professional contractors, they are heavy and do not offer much in the way of added features over the sidewinder (i.e. traditional or inline) circular saws. If you are looking for high end and powerful circular saws of 2019 then DeWalt DCS391N XR Circular Saw will be your best bet.
  3. Laser Guide is Useless – Do not get caught up on whether or not a circular saw has a laser guide.  Chances are you won’t end up using it.
  4. Beware of Low End – I personally have a Black & Decker circular saw that has been through several blades and works fine for rough cuts.  I would recommend it for a hobbyist who is looking for a cheap circular saw; however, you can expect these lower-end saws to have less power and cutting speed than their counterparts, and this can be a problem when cutting thicker wood.  You can also expect to not have some ease-of-use features like bevel positive stops, an electric brake and an easy-change blade system.
  5. No Need for High End – There is not much difference between the mid-range and high-end circular saws, as the power, basic features and durability are very similar across the board.

In most cases you should look to have the blade on the opposite side of the saw from your dominant hand.  So, if you are right-handed you would be better off with a left-side blade (and vice versa for lefties).  This is true because you will typically have your right hand driving the saw and your left hand holding the wood — with the blade on the left side, you can have a better view of the cut line.

DEWALT DC390B Bare-Tool 6-1/2-Inch 18-Volt Cordless Circular Saw Review

DEWALT DC390B is indeed considered industrial tool but it does not necessarily mean that the circular saw will not be suitable for DIY enthusiasts who usually work on less demanding projects. It is a cordless circular saw powered by 18V motor delivering maximum no-load speed of 3,700rpm. The DC390B Circular Saw comes with standard 6-1/2 inches carbide-tipped blade which is easily available in case you need replacement. It uses a high-strength shoe made of magnesium material and upper guard for better durability. In terms of handling, this circular saw uses rubber-grip handle which also helps to dampen vibration to the hand. The DC390B 18-Volt Cordless Circular Saw by DEWALT is basically designed to deliver optimum speed and enough strength to cut carious types of sheets or materials including hardwood, construction lumber, softwood, particleboard, plywood, oriented-strand board, and more.


Is our drinking water safe for consuming?

Even though water seems pure at a first glance, it is usually not so and it is not possible to determine its quality only by visual examination. Standards for drinking water quality are usually set by governments following international quality measurements setting only minimum and maximum limitations for pollution concentration meaning that the water we drink is usually not as healthy as it appears and can, as such, create problems in our body.

At this time, RO water filters provide the best and the healthiest solution to the problems of both bottled water and tap water. Their function can be described as the removal of all the dangerous undesirable contaminants including chemicals, parasites, algae, viruses, fungi, suspended solids, gases, radioactive molecules and similar. Even though most water is purified for human consumption water filtration is needed also to meet various medical, pharmacological, chemical and industrial standards.

The processes of filtration combine fine filtration, sedimentation and final distillation as well as chemical processes of flocculation and chlorination. Home water filters use no more energy than is already required to acquire water through a home’s plumbing system therefore they are a clever ecological as well as economic investment in every possible way.

Is Reverse Osmosis The Best Water Filter System?

This year’s reverse osmosis system reviews will focus on models that are dedicated to providing filtered water for drinking, ice makers, and the dishwasher. One of the best ways to accommodate these items is with an under counter or under sink mounted unit. I am currently using one system that is mounted under my sink to provide drinking water. I have to admit that I was a little skeptical at how the unit would perform but, to my surprise, it worked like a charm. After having the system for several years now I couldn’t imagine living without one.

I was so impressed at how amazing the water tasted and at how well the unit performed I even installed one under my bathroom sink. I know what you are thinking. The bathroom? Well, I couldn’t stand the taste of my water when I was brushing my teeth and I tend to get up in the middle of the night for a glass of water. (It is a long walk from my bedroom to the kitchen) So, why not? There are many different systems with different sizes available so installing one wasn’t that difficult and I was already remodeling the bathroom.

There are a lot of benefits to this kind of setup. They remove many toxins, chemicals, and other harmful substances that can lead to health problems or add to existing ailments. Some people claim that this type of filtration can be more harmful than not due to the removal of beneficial minerals that are naturally present in the water to begin with. Honestly, I can’t tell you either way which is more correct. I just know that with an RO unit the water tastes better and I know that I am not drinking any harsh chemicals or poisonous elements like arsenic and lead that can be found in city and well water.


Body Symmetry – Exercise bike a solution?

I’m back in grad school which means fewer blog posts. I sincerely apologize but I’m pretty confident that due to my moment of idiocracy in signing up for a class located at the campus 3 hours from here, I won’t be as busy as I had planned.

The gym is officially 100% part of my life again and has been since my breakdown mid-October. I still have days where I feel like skipping a cardio session to cuddle on the couch and be a complete waste of humanity but they are much fewer than before. Getting into a new schedule has actually been fun. I know that sounds entirely insane but I always enjoy getting back into a new routine after some time off because I have a significant amount of determination to hit the weights harder or eat a little cleaner. I am also using exercise bike to manage my weight and for cardio. More on recumbent exercise bike later in this article.

A part of me thinks my meltdown was necessary because I have never felt better than I do in this moment. My diet is as clean as I could and would like it to be while still indulging from time to time, my gym time is maximized and never wasted and the work is paying off. I actually called my mom this evening to ask her if we can have asparagus for my birthday dinner tomorrow because I am craving it. Craving asparagus?! I have seriously had an awakening.

But….this blog post wouldn’t be complete or me without a big but(t). What the hell is up with the asymmetry of my body?! I once heard that beauty can be defined by the amount of symmetry in a person’s face. Considering I get a lazy eye when I booze and the rest of me doesn’t match it’s opposing limb, I’m hoping husband-face finds abstract beautiful.

Recumbent Exercise Bike – Is it Necessary?

Recumbent stationary bike for heart exercise permits you to imitate pedaling movement without riding elsewhere. This bike has comfortable seat. These types of bikes are created to be simple enough for new users to do light exercises, athletes also uses this for complex training. I will provide advance and basic techniques in using recumbent stationary bikes for heart workouts.

Aerobic exercises are known as the fundamental heart training. It is the ordinary type of exercises done on recumbent stationary bikes. This workout is done by riding in static pace in a longer interval of time. It will maintain the heart rate increased throughout the workout, helping your body burn calories.


Healthy on Vacation?

6:00 AM is such a beautiful time of day. After being outside that early this morning, I seriously am considering getting up that early on a daily basis. But to be honest, this morning I was only up that early to shower and to let Margaret Thatcher (my chinchilla) out to play. That little stinker hid under my bed and almost made me late for work this morning. I’m going to miss him so much when I leave for vacation, which is:

TOMORROW AT 6:00 PM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I’m going to New Jersey with my family, as I’ve done for probably the past 12 years. I tend to pull an Anchorman every year and say “We’ve been going on the same vacation for 12 years, and in no way is that depressing.”

So I know some people look at vacation as a time to kind of veg out, but I’m looking forward to it as a time to be more active. I basically have to sit on my dupa 8 hours a day at work (sometimes more), so I’m going to be looking forward to being more active on vacation. Here is my plan of attack for staying healthy on vacation:

  • Bring running shoes and clothes: run early enough in the morning where it’s not too hot or take long walks in the evening.
  • Take tennis rackets.
  • Rent a bike once or twice while I’m down there.
  • Take blender for daily GREEN MONSTERS 🙂 (Even if the family looks at me like I’m psychotic)
  • Don’t drink frozen strawberry daquiris every day like last year.
  • Take healthy snacks for in the car so we don’t have to eat fast food.
  • Offer to cook a healthy meal for the family at least once during the week.
  • Allow myself ONE delicious cheesesteak from the Oasis (I mean, it’s vacation, right?)
  • Long walks on the beach, anyone?
  • Beach volleyball 🙂

So yeah, that’s my game plan. Other stuff might come up, too. I’ll try to let you know. And I say try because it’s hard to tell whether or not I’ll get a good internet connection while I’m down there. Usually it’s pretty shaky.

Right now I’m looking up healthy recipes that I can possibly cook for my family while we’re on vacation.

Have a great day everyone!