Why You Need Leaf Blowers

When we speak of ornamental grasses we will exclude lawns or bamboos. Some of the most popular ornamental grasses range in height from 8 inches to 6 feet plus. The most popular ornamental grass the last couple of years has been Pennisetum setaceum ‘Rubrum’. Commonly known as Purple fountain grass is has reddish brown leaves and rose-colored plumes that fade to beige. Purple fountain grass grows to about four feet tall and wide and grows in the full sun.

Leaf Blowers For Cleaning Your Garden

When clearing your yard of debris, gas leaf blowers have one distinct advantage over electric models – they aren’t tethered to an outlet and electrical cord. If you’re doing any sort of serious landscaping, more than one property, or simply have a yard bigger than a few square feet, gas is the only way to go. But not all leaf blowers are equal, before you buy leaf blowers, make sure you read reviews and comparisons of different types of leaf blowers. You can check out top quality leaf blowers in UK here.

Keep in mind, however, gas-powered leaf blowers are generally noisier than electric blowers. You’ll need to take into account your neighbors, as well as any local ordinances. Gas-powered units also tend to weigh more, and of course they need to be filled with gas.

Depending on your yard size or type of landscaping you’ll be doing, you’ll want to decide on one of three basic gas leaf blower types: handheld, “backpack” style, or wheeled.

The smallest, and least expensive, is a handheld model. With prices ranging from around $75 up to about $200, this type is ideal for small- to medium-sized landscaping jobs. They free you from the electrical “umbilical cord”, and allow you to easily navigate any sort of yard obstacles.