Body Symmetry – Exercise bike a solution?

I’m back in grad school which means fewer blog posts. I sincerely apologize but I’m pretty confident that due to my moment of idiocracy in signing up for a class located at the campus 3 hours from here, I won’t be as busy as I had planned.

The gym is officially 100% part of my life again and has been since my breakdown mid-October. I still have days where I feel like skipping a cardio session to cuddle on the couch and be a complete waste of humanity but they are much fewer than before. Getting into a new schedule has actually been fun. I know that sounds entirely insane but I always enjoy getting back into a new routine after some time off because I have a significant amount of determination to hit the weights harder or eat a little cleaner. I am also using exercise bike to manage my weight and for cardio. More on recumbent exercise bike later in this article.

A part of me thinks my meltdown was necessary because I have never felt better than I do in this moment. My diet is as clean as I could and would like it to be while still indulging from time to time, my gym time is maximized and never wasted and the work is paying off. I actually called my mom this evening to ask her if we can have asparagus for my birthday dinner tomorrow because I am craving it. Craving asparagus?! I have seriously had an awakening.

But….this blog post wouldn’t be complete or me without a big but(t). What the hell is up with the asymmetry of my body?! I once heard that beauty can be defined by the amount of symmetry in a person’s face. Considering I get a lazy eye when I booze and the rest of me doesn’t match it’s opposing limb, I’m hoping husband-face finds abstract beautiful.

Recumbent Exercise Bike – Is it Necessary?

Recumbent stationary bike for heart exercise permits you to imitate pedaling movement without riding elsewhere. This bike has comfortable seat. These types of bikes are created to be simple enough for new users to do light exercises, athletes also uses this for complex training. I will provide advance and basic techniques in using recumbent stationary bikes for heart workouts.

Aerobic exercises are known as the fundamental heart training. It is the ordinary type of exercises done on recumbent stationary bikes. This workout is done by riding in static pace in a longer interval of time. It will maintain the heart rate increased throughout the workout, helping your body burn calories.

You can begin with 5 minutes warm up pedaling light without resistance to avoid injury. Drive the bike hard yet at sustainable speed for about fifteen to forty five minutes. A new comer can begin riding the bike for about 15 minutes only and you can increase the workout by 5 minutes at certain interval as soon as you become comfortable. It is important that you do these workouts less than an hour. Once you are done with the exercise part of the workout, you can end it with 5 minutes cool down just like warming up. You can use the bike 2 to 4 times in a week to achieve a better result. You can add the pace and increase resistance into it as you improve your fitness level.

To have a more superior workout you need to have high intensity workout. It is harder but it is considered being more efficient in removing calories, lessening fat and regulating the metabolism. The High intensity workouts include exercising harder in short period of time and resting before proceeding for the next interval. You are required to perform many sets of vigorous training workouts at maximum power that elevates and lower rapidly the rate of your heart.

To start, you need to raise the resistance level, but in a controllable level and pedal harder for 25 seconds.  Afterwards you need to remove the resistance and pedal lightly for one minute so that the body can regain its composure. It is important that you make sure that you increase the resistance while on training part and lowers it during resting part. Continue it for ten to thirty minutes. High intensity exercises should be done not more than forty minutes. The reason is that the body cannot sustain to work at maximum level longer and therefore will reverse the purpose of exercise. Always remember to begin with warming up and end with cool down. You can try high-intensity training 2 or 3 times a week.

My left leg has always looked better than the right. It’s more toned, it’s losing fat faster than the other and has the shape of an ideal leg. The right leg is stumpier but doesn’t measure any bigger than the left. It has a few more dimples and resembles more of a linkin’ log. The strangest thing about this particular asymmetry is my right leg is actually stronger than the left. What I can lift with my right leg is more of a struggle for the left; so much so I consider changing the weight for the poor feeb.

Recently I started noticing this asymmetry throughout my entire body. My right arm is slightly more toned than the left which makes zero sense for a left-hander such as myself. My left eye’s lashes are much more cooperative and longer than those on my right but my right has the better brow. My left boob is less small than the right and I saw that instead of “bigger” because they are continually shrinking. My left ass cheek is shedding fat much quicker than the right but my right side is better for photos.

Passing others on the street I don’t recall observing the same disparities I find in myself. Then again, we are our own worst critics right? If the worst thing I have to complain about hours before turning 25 are mis-matched limbs as they transform into better versions of themselves, than I feel pretty damn lucky. I hope that by this time next year, my complaint will be that I am perfectly symmetrical and cookies have no adverse affects on me anymore.

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