Buying a baby stroller in 2020

Those new to parenthood often struggle with the decision of what baby stroller they should buy when they are expecting a new member of the family. There are many multiple models on the market, each with attractive features, which makes the choices parents are faced with staggering when they start shopping.

Many will rely on advice solely from friends and family, and many turn to the internet to find reviews of different strollers. They may like the look of one stroller better than another. They realize they need something safe, but still a stroller that looks stylish and fashionable is desired.

Some tips to help you get the right stroller are:

  • Think about whether you intend to have multiple children. If you do, or if you already have a child at home, then you should look at getting a baby stroller suitable for both an infant and a toddler.
  • If you are on the road a lot, you need to look at getting a stroller that folds or collapses easily and fits into the trunk of your car.
  • Check out the harness system of the stroller. The safest ones to use are the five point systems, so there is no possibility of the baby falling out. You also have to make sure that the restraints are simple for you to use, yet difficult for a child to unlock.
  • For an infant, you need a baby stroller with a reclining seat. This lets you take the baby for a stroll long before it is able to sit up on his/her own. You also need a stroller with a canopy top to protect the baby from the UV rays and windburn or cold.
  • Pay attention to the material in the frame. Strollers made from steel and aluminum are very strong and will last much longer. This is a factor if you want to use the stroller for all of your children without having to buy one for each child you have.
  • Although you may really love the color and style of a specific fabric, you need to make sure that it is machine washable. Leaky diapers and spitting up can permeate the material and cause staining.
  • Check the height of the handles and make certain they are comfortable for both of you. Many baby strollers today have height adjustments you can make easily so that anyone can take the baby for a stroll or jog.

Baby Stroller Reviews

BOB Revolution stroller

Take the tilt out of your life with the BOB Revolution stroller. The Revolutions revolutionary pivoting front wheel swivels for quick, easy, all-wheels-on-the-ground turning. It is as easy as steering your bike. Plus it can be locked forward for maximum stability for running and straight-ahead walking.

This is one tough stroller built for most of the rugged terrain that joggers may encounter. Durable, lightweight, maneuverable, stylish, but most of all, dependable when it comes to the safety of your children. The owners of the Bob Revolution Strollers generally have nothing but GREAT things to say about it.


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