What You Need To Know About Tandem Strollers

Tandem strollers, often referred to as double strollers or duo strollers as well are strollers for two children. There are two major versions, those for twins which feature two separate seats for each infant and those for a baby and a toddler, the stand on version, with one seat and a base the other child can stand on. You’ll also rarely find triple strollers for up to three children, but they are less common and often significantly more expensive.

Types of tandem baby strollers

Most commonly the seats are mounted behind each other but there are some manufacturers offering side by side models as well. These are often a little harder to maneuver and a lot broader, but offer the comfort of both children having a perfect view from their stroller, not watching the back of their brother or sister. They are also available as jogging versions, something a regular duo stroller does not offer.

Tandem strollers 2020

A few tandem strollers also allow the seats to be mounted facing each other. Which model you choose depends on personal taste, but the classic tandem stroller is more versatile and easier to navigate than the side by side version. When looking for a tandem stroller, always make sure to check last years models as well. They offer the same functionality and are often just a bit different in design, but alot cheaper than the newest models.

Accessories of tandem baby strollers

Stroller accessories can help make your stroller more comfortable, stylish and versatile. Many of these are inexpensive and cost-effective solutions. Certain accessories can make an instant difference to your stroller’s appearance and the comfort of your child. Here is a list and descriptions of some of the best and most popular accessories.

Buntings are some of the most luxurious baby seats on the market. You simply insert this into a stroller or car seat and transform your child’s experience. Buntings are known to be made of incredibly soft material that your child will love. Combine this with a nice, soft headrest and your baby will be living the life. You should also give you child a tray and attach it to the stroller. These often come with cup holders to keep your child’s drink nearby and to keep it from spilling or falling out of his or her lap. This is a great place to put a toy mounted with suction too. This will likely be strong enough to prevent your child from knocking it over. And, it sits right in front of the child for easy play.

Nets or cases that cover the stroller

Some of the best stroller accessories for strollers are nets or cases that cover the stroller. This can give you baby darkness during sleep or can protect from bugs or temperatures while walking outside. There are several different types of this product. There is a simple netting which covers the whole stroller. These look much like mosquito nets and are not really intended for indoor use. There are other versions called weather shields or rain shields.

These are made from strong, sometimes thick material like a rain jacket. These too are for outdoor use and protect from the elements. If you plan to be indoors, you might want to use a different model. There are models, which just cover the baby and provide darkness while napping. Maybe you can find one with a small window, so you can keep an eye on your child. Some of these might even just have a flap that pulls out and protects them from harsh light coming from the ceiling.

There are many other stroller accessories to choose from, like bags and organizers that rest on the stroller. There are many outlets that sell this type of gear and there are models that can fit any budget. Decide what your needs are and what will make your child the most comfortable. Think about how you will be using your stroller and buy your accessories accordingly.