Electric Shavers For Men – Are They Worth?

Many times Bald heads looks just gorgeous. It’s certainly true. And there is a huge difference between the terms “balding” and “bald.” If you are standing at a crossroad, wondering if you should shave off the few strands of hair left on your balding head, do it. Take the plunge. Electric head shavers are there to help with advanced blade technology for the smoothest shave. Hair clippers are designed with one task in mind, but that doesn’t mean they are all created equal. We’ve done some digging and have trimmed the selection down to the top 10 best hair clippers.

Electric Head Shavers: What to Look For

There are very few head-specific shavers. Most electric shavers for men are targeted toward anyone who would like to cut their own hair. When looking for a hair shaver, you need to determine whether it will shave your head or just cut hair. Three specific categories we looked at were blade options, functionality and ease of use. Each of these specifications breaks down the different options available with the best bald head shavers.

Blade Options
Hair clippers often have several different blades to choose from, either in the form of guards or adjustable blades. You’ll see guards ranging from 1.5 mm to 13 mm. If you are shaving your head for the first time, we’d recommend using a large guard on a trimmer to first cut away the bulk of your hair. This will avoid pulling. Then you can switch to just the blade to get a clean-cut look. For those who want to head straight to shaving, choose an electric head shaver that also works for shaving your face. This will ensure you get the closest shave possible.

The way an electric hair clipper functions is paramount. According to your preference, you’ll need to decide whether your razor needs to be waterproof or not. Even some of the best electric shavers for the head are corded and need to be plugged into the wall. If you’d like to shave your head in the shower, you must choose electric hair clippers that are waterproof. We also love the electric shavers that have self-sharpening blades so you always get a clean cut.

Ease of Use
Shaving your head with an electric shaver should be fairly straightforward. The best electric shavers for the head are ergonomically designed to fit easily in your hand. When you have complete control over the tool, you will be more confident, which will result in a closer shaver with minimal or no nicks.

Still on the fence about shaving your head? No worries. It’s a big decision. Just be sure that when the decision is made, you turn to the comfort of an electric head shaver to get your new ‘do just right. We can’t guarantee that people won’t want to rub your bald head, but we promise that once you go bald, you won’t want to go back.

Top rated electric shavers in UK

There are a several things that you should look in an electric shaver before shopping  that will be best suited for you. As not all electric shavers are worth the price. Here are the best electric shaver in 2019.

Philips Norelco Electric Shaver

According to the Philips Norelco Speed 8240 Men’s Shaving System owner’s manual, the shaving head should be replaced once a year. Unfortunately, most people don’t know which replacement head is compatible with their Philips Norelco Speed 8240 electric shaver. Few people keep the owner manual to their electric shaver in a place that they remember and often times, the physical shaving head gives little information as to how to find the similar type of replacement aside from by visual comparison. This article is designed to take the guess work out of which type of replacement head is compatible with your Philips Norelco Speed 8240 Men’s Shaving System.

The compatible replacement head for the Philips Norelco Speed 8240 Electric Shaver is the Philips Norelco HQ9 SpeedXL Replacement Heads, which is called XL because it provides 50% more coverage than a standard shaving head. It is also compatible with all Norelco SpeedXL and SmartTouchXL Shaving Systems.

Budget electric shaver

For those on a tight budget or who are trying an electric shaver for the first time, your first choice may be to go with an electric shaver under $25. Most shavers under $25 are battery operated but there are a few that you can get in the electric version. Unfortunately, these electric shavers don’t usually stand up to the power, comfort, and smoothness of shave as their more expensive counterparts. However, we were still about to find some electric shavers under $25 that got rave reviews from customers, putting them at the top of our list of best electric shavers under $25.

It looks like Panasonic and Remington were head to head in this competition, with Panasonic taking the lead in the first two spots and Remington electric shavers occupying the last two spots. These two companies have a great way of taking quality and compact sizing it for the average buyer.

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