Why Buy an Electric Pressure Cookers – Buying Guide

If you are planning to buy an electric pressure cooker, then you should definitely be comparing the various electric pressure cookers available in the market today. Sometime back, when I was planning to buy an electric pressure cooker, I found that there are not enough information on the internet about how you can choose the best electric pressure cooker for canning. In this article, I will be sharing what I learned from my research and how you can choose the right pressure cookers for your need.

What are Electric Pressure Cookers?

Before we understand about these cookers, let us understand what Pressure Cookers are. Pressure Cookers are useful equipment which allow us to cook food without the entrance and escape of air and liquid from the pressure cooker vessel. Either steaming, or boiling can be done in pressure cookers, this makes the equipment a necessity for all households as well as restaurants and catering services, where quick delicious cooking is required.

In a typical cooking pot, you will have to put a lot of water when boiling or steaming. This is because the liquid evaporates much faster than when in a pressure cooker. Also, more water means a longer time to reach the boiling point which consumes more energy, more gas or electricity.

This is one of the main reasons why pressure cookers are so popular. They allow us to cook food at a much faster rate. Electric pressure cookers also do the same thing but in addition give us the flexibility of controlling the pressure within the cooker. This helps us to cook the food exactly to the amount we want to.

Types of Pressure Cookers

Pressure Cookers can be classified according to their generations.

First generation – These classic old pressure cookers operate by means of a weight bearing valve. This valve controls the pressure inside the equipment. However, old models have only one pressure mode; thus, decreasing its reliability as well as utilization options.

Second generation – These new pressure cookers have replaced the old valves with spring loaded ones. You can adjust spring to either increase or decrease the pressure inside the cooker. Also, they do not release any steam because they are tightly sealed.

Third generation – These are the latest types of pressure cookers available in the market. Also called as electric pressure cookers, they automatically regulate the set pressure inside the cooker. Using programmed microchips, the electric pressure cooker monitors several data inside the vessel while the food is cooking. This helps to adjust the pressure if it is too much or if it is too low. Third generation pressure cookers are increasing in popularity nowadays.

Why use Electric Pressure Cookers?

These pressure cookers are the most popular pressure cookers in the market today. Many households, as well as restaurants avail of these fantastic and innovative equipment. Let’s take a look on why they choose electric pressure cookers over the conventional pressure cookers.

Convenient to use –
Many electric pressure cookers have user friendly buttons built in them. These keys allow users, novice or not, to operate them with ease and without making errors. Also, new features are available to make your life in the kitchen even better, like time delayed settings which allows you to set specific time where the electric pressure cooker will start the cooking process.

Power efficient – These pressure cookers are specifically designed to gain a rise in temperature at a much faster rate than older models. This results in less energy consumption while waiting for the pressure cooker to heat itself up.

Easy to clean – Unlike other bulky cookers, these pressure cookers are streamlined for faster cleaning so you can use them as much as you would like at a time. Also, you don’t need to worry about accidental spills during the cooking process because third generation pressure cookers have been developed with tightly sealed container which prevents any splash or spill while cooking.

Cooks better food – Another important reason why electric pressure cookers are popular is because they keep the taste of the food inside it. With its tightly sealed container, these third generation pressure cookers do not allow any steam to go out unless it is opened. The steam typically carries the natural taste of the food, if this escapes, you will have a lesser tasting meal. Additionally, the constant pressure generated inside these pressure cookers consistently pushes the nutrients and juices of the food inside it.

Safe to use – These pressure cookers have now been designed to follow certain safety rules. The cooker itself monitors its pressure and when too much pressure is generated, it can blow off some steam, or even automatically lower its temperature to decrease its pressure.
With all the technology that we have today, modern pressure cooking has been enhanced to a higher level. When cooking using electric pressure cookers, consumers are assured of a quality and safe cooking experience.

When you get a pressure cooker, make sure to get the best ones like the electric pressure cooker. This will save you from the many hassles and disadvantages that a normal or typical pressure cooker could have.

Don’t be afraid to try the new, because new ones have a purpose on why they were developed: because they are better than the old.

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